WhiteMark Ceramics is Back & Better than Ever!

WhiteMark Ceramics is Back & Better than Ever!

Hello Friends!

After a long hiatus, I am excited to introduce you to the better-than-ever WhiteMark Ceramics! There have been some big changes inside the studio and out. Come check out what's new!

What's New?

    • A Brand New Pottery Assistant
      In April, our family welcomed a sweet little boy. "B" is a wonderful addition to our family, but he is the reason I haven't gotten much time in the studio over the last 9 months. Now that he is 5 months old and off to daycare part time, I have been able to refocus my energy and attention to my business. I am very excited to be back at it!

    • Studio Refresh
      After finishing last year's holiday run, I decided the studio needed some changes. A new layout, a larger and taller work bench, new shelving for all stages of my pottery, and an in-studio office set up. The changes have taken place over the last several months and I am loving the new flow!

    • Goodbye Etsy
      After completing the year with Etsy as my primary sales platform, I have decided to part ways for a number of reasons. I am glad I was able to get my feet under me with Etsy, but now I am excited to simplify my back end work and focus my attention on...

    • A Brand New Website!
      In order to make my own special space in the world, I have chosen to move to an e-commerce website that will simplify my life by combining my shop, my website, and all my other business to one location. I love the way the new site flows and I hope you will too!
      Still at www.WhiteMarkCeramics.com!

    • Fresh, New Pieces are Available Now
      With the new site, there are a bunch of new pieces available! The new site runs on Shopify, so if you already have an account, you can enjoy a rapid checkout experience! If not, not a problem! Just complete your checkout as you would on any other online store.

    • Second Chance Sales
      In order to clear out some old inventory to make way for new exciting work, I have created a Second Chance Sale section on the page. These pieces are either old stock that I want to clear out or pieces that have some flaws, but are completely functional and still beautiful. All Second Chance listings have information about the flaws of the pieces and are deeply discounted to help them find a home.

So as you can see, lots happening over here! Now I am off to keep making more new pots for you! What would you like to see come out of the kiln this fall? More berry bowls and mugs? More decorative items? Other kitchenware?

Let me know in the comments!

Thank you, as always, for being with me on this journey. Your support means the world to me and my young business.


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